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The Islamic Center of Reseda (ICR) was originally established in 1997 and has since been serving the San Fernando Valley community through a wide array of educational programs, events, and activities through the inspiration of the religion of Islam. It has promoted these community services in wonderful congruity with local, State and Federal laws and practices. Over the course of the last 17 years, the community has enthusiastically and exponentially grown and participated in ICR’s services resulting in an impending need to expand the structural capacity of ICR and in 2012 ICR completed the newly expanded mosque facility.

At its essence, ICR is a center of spiritual repose, a haven where Muslims and local community residents can gather to establish and enhance their relationship with God. This relationship instills faith, trust, mercy, and compassion into the ethos of the attendees. As this relationship fosters and those Divine characteristics are internalized, it then permeates onto the rest of God’s creation through charitable acts, kindness, philanthropy and lending a helping hand where help is needed. Thus ICR welcomes all people who seek Islam’s offerings of spiritual repose, consolation, and compassion. ICR also offers interfaith collaboration with community members of other faiths and provides charities and assistance to community members in need. Recently, ICR was also approved as an official Emergency Shelter site by the American Red Cross.

ICR provides a place for worship which includes five daily prayers and sermons. Additionally, it provides an environment for individuals and families to seek education, counsel, activities, and a community-wide support system for all ages.

ICR understands that an important piece of prosperity for the community is to provide authentic and comprehensive knowledge, with proper understanding. Therefore it seeks to establish an elaborate breadth of Islamic education through classes (by resident and visiting scholars), lectures, workshops, seminars, and after prayer reminders on such topics as: Quranic exegesis, Prophetic teachings, Islamic history, Creed, Arabic studies, and more.

In the social sphere, ICR strives to also be a fun place for Muslims and local community members to gather for social and communal growth. It provides Eid (special holiday) activities, Friday family nights, health/blood drives, civic engagement, fine arts classes, picnics, and fitness and sports tournaments. ICR also prizes greater community integration so in addition to civic engagement, it seeks interfaith programming and networking with professionals for social awareness on issues as: dealing with tough economic times, drug awareness, social needs etc. ICR also offers Open Mosque Day and provides tours of its facilities to ensure mutual community understanding and conviviality.

Additionally, ICR strives to be a place of growth and development for youth through providing specially catered programs that serve their spiritual and social growth. It provides weekly youth groups, inter-youth events, youth sports tournaments, social activities, mentorship, and academic and social tutorship. ICR offers a weekend school program for the specific needs of kids, teens, and high school students.

ICR would like to extend its warmest gratitude to all the local city officials, councilmen, and law enforcement who have established a wonderful relationship with ICR and the broader objectives of serving the San Fernando Valley community and instilling community growth and prosperity.

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